Sunday, April 10, 2011

Almost Originals

One of the fun things about ripping through the layers of house to get to the bones is that you get to see each of those layers.

(Sometimes seeing each of those layers is maybe not actually that fun, especially if there are many layers and especially if they are installed to last. I feel for people who started demolitions only to discover five layers of tile or three layers of drywall and a layer of lathe and plaster on the walls. We did not have any extreme problems.)

Last week, when the Husband took off all the electrical covers, we discovered this green underneath:

And, in the kitchen, underneath the tile, we found this fake, pebbly laminate:

Those combined: the perfect 70s house?

This house was renovated at some point, so I know the colour isn't the absolute original: notice the light switches? They read '120V' which means it's not the knob and tube the house was originally wired with. But how long ago this was done? I couldn't say.


  1. That floor looks so parents used to have very similar flooring in their place!

    Also, congrats on the house!! I'm excited for both of you & hope all the renos go well! :)

  2. The flooring reminds me of my childhood bedroom. My parents built that house in 1967.

    The paint colour is similar to what Grandma's kitchen looked like when I first met your dad. I imagine it was painted shortly after they moved there in 1963.

  3. There is a small child screaming in that laminate. I am afraid.

    - Laura

  4. @Laura

    If you hadn't pointed it out, I wouldn't have seen it. Wow. It is creepy...