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Backyard Mud Pit!

On Saturday, we got great big hug. Or, at least that’s kind of what it felt like to me, especially after the frustrating week I’d had. At 10 am, a crew of young people from the church the Husband and I attend showed up at our front door decked out in warms clothes and rain boots. I had looked forward to today for a couple weeks, ever since the (interim) youth leaders and I sat down and made the plans for it. It was a chance to open up our (almost) house to them and get to know them. And, we got some much needed and much appreciated help in the bargain.

Keep in mind, this is what our backyard looked like at 10 am Saturday morning.

At 10:05, as if someone bigger and greater than us knew what was going on, the rain slowed to a drizzle. By 10:30, the garbage was gone. Completely. Three of the guys turned their attention to the bramble of vines choking out our (surprisingly healthy) elm.

Meanwhile, one of the leaders dug up our tiny flower bed by the garage and planted the flat of pansies we had picked up. She also found an iris (I think?) growing in an old, broken pot and transplanted them for us.

Inside, a couple of the youth – youth more interested in remaining warm and dry – caulked the trim and scrubbed the floors for us. The room gleamed when they had finished.

By noon, the backyard was cleaned up, the garage was emptied of the past owner’s and tenant’s left-behind garbage, and most of the bags we had collected were hauled off to the garbage dump by my very helpful dad. We dug into some pizza and I bid the work crew goodbye.

Not half an hour later, it started to pour again.

Thanks guys. You did an amazing job! In a month or so, once we get some grass back there in our mud pit, we’ll have you all over again to enjoy the space and a barbeque.

Maybe by then, I’ll have finally gotten all the mud out of Mocha’s fur.

Please follow!