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Cheap, Inconvenient, and Frustrating


Of course.

For our readers not in Canada, Kijiji is an online classified service, the Canadian version of Craigslist. Not that we don’t also have Craigslist. But the popularity of CL has waned in Ontario in a way it has not yet waned south of the border. I’m sure you can sympathize with my frustrations anyway.

This evening, we drove to Mississauga to look at this stove:

It’s perfect for the basement. Gas, not white — we’re pretty convinced our kitchen cabinets will not go well with white — and cheap! So, I emailed. I got a response. I booked a time to go visit. We went back and forth a few times to figure out a time that worked for all parties and tonight, we did a little bit of juggling so that the husband and I could get to Mississauga by 8:30. We found the house, knocked on the door. A timid looking woman cracked the door.
“Hi.” I said. “I had emailed about the stove?”
“Oh, the gas?”
“Actually, we just sold it.”
We walked away. As we settled back into the car, I got annoyed, then a touch angry, then just frustrated. Why wouldn’t they have emailed to let me know before we left? I had even confirmed our visit earlier in the day. Two hours after we left, we got back to our apartment feeling like we had wasted an evening.
And now, the weekend is almost here and we still don’t have a stove. Which means we still don’t have a kitchen at the house. Which means it’s still not ready to move in. 
Back to Kijiji, I guess. Or, we give up, spend the money, and put in an order (with delivery) at Home Depot.
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