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A List

Here we are. At Friday again.

I’m not sure what to think of the past week. Life woke up a bit and other commitments stepped in to remind me of the big picture. Despite the fact that all I think about these days are renovations, decor, and hard work, this week reminded me that my life is composed of a lot more than just this little white bungalow. Oh, balance: I need you.

But not until next week. Here we are at Friday, which means that, once again, come 5 o’clock, my focus can shift back to our dusty house. So, what’s in the plans?

For the Husband:

  1. Meet the gas guy who will be moving our gas line for us upstairs so we can put the stove where we want it. 
  2. Run around the city looking for a gas stove for the basement apartment. Check out all the scratch and dent places we can find.
  3. Meet up with whatever members of the crew decide to show up for the weekend and get started back where they left off.
  4. Frame in and drywall the bathroom. 
  5. Get the subfloor down.
For the Wife
  1. Clean up the condo for a visit from our landlord’s realtor. 
  2. Do some laundry.
  3. Make up a tasty pasta salad for consumption over the weekend. 
  4. Take the train to the dusty house, hopefully in time to enjoy a relaxing drink with the work crew. Try not to be too late.
  5. Greet the backyard crew in the morning and set them to work. Hand out garbage bags for ponchos as it starts to rain. Finally concede to allowing them to work inside instead. Perhaps teach them to paint a wall or two.  
  6. Practice Psalm 150 with some kids after the church service.
  7. Sprinkle grass seed all over our dirt. 
  8. Plant some pansies. 
  9. Mourn over the progress that is not moving as fast as I would like. Curse my unrealistic expectations.
Please follow!