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Day 9 — April 9


It’s Saturday evening and, after a long two days of work, the Husband and I have finally sat ourselves down with glasses of wine and the pets to relax. It’s been a hard weekend, and a little frustrating at times, but we’ve made some progress!

We got the tub in:

Well, kind of. We still need to put up our vapour barrier. And there’s a few more steps before I can take a bath in it. But, it’s almost there!

Downstairs, we got the kitchen almost completely in:

And we painted. Or, rather, these awesome people painted:

My parents! By the end of the day, they were pretty tired, but they did an amazing job in the basement. It’s amazing how much a good paint job can improve a place. None of the trim was properly painting previously, so just making sure that it was painting a crisp, glossy white brightened it up considerably.

They were pretty tired by the end of the day.

And I had lots of paint in my hair.

They didn’t just get the tub in upstairs today. They made a lot of progress actually. But we’re at a stage in the reno when the changes aren’t so dramatic. They’re all things that are going on inside the walls, fiddly things that move slowly but have to be done right. Next weekend, things will feel like they’re moving fast. In the meantime, I’m comforted by the progress we’ve made in the basement: it looks like we’ll have a place to live in a few weeks after all!
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