dumpsters · fire · neighbours


This is kind of funny, kind of comforting, and kind of embarrassing, all rolled into one.

Last night, after we got back from a 2 hour trip to Home Depot, one of our neighbours approached my brother-in-law as he unloaded his truck.

“Were you here about an hour ago?” he asked.

No, my brother-in-law replied.

“Well, there was quite a show going on at your house,” the neighbour said.

Apparently, a different neighbour thought our dumpster was on fire. See, we have an exhaust pipe from our furnace stuck right out the front of our house.

I don’t know why the previous owners would have put it right there. Under the stairs or on the other side of the house would have been two perfectly viable and less unappealing locations for such a pipe. We have plans to move it eventually, but at you may have guessed, it’s not a priority. So, for now, it’s a noisy, steam-spewing inconvenience. 
Right now, our dumpster is sitting in front of our house, half on that concrete pad where grass is supposed to be and half, inconveniently, in our driveway. (It’s getting picked up today! Soon! Yay!)
Like this. So, the furnace kicked on and the exhaust started sending steam up from the front of our house and one of our neighbours happened to be passing, or looked out their window or something and saw this:
Of course, they did the sensible thing to do when you think your neighbours might be on fire: they called the fire department and reported our dumpster on fire. A few minutes later, a fire truck appeared, checked everything out, determined the cause of the call and left again. All while we were out. 
I would really love to find out which neighbour it was that called the fire department so that I can sincerely thank them. Yes, it was a false alarm and a little bit silly, but it’s a comforting thought to know that we have neighbours who will look out for us and our property and take action if needed. This neighbourhood is certainly a far cry from the condo living we’ve experienced until now.
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