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The Basement Apartment

One of the reasons we bought this particular house was the basement apartment. In fact, while we were looking, we told our realtor to only show us homes that either have basement apartments or at least the potential for a basement apartment. This meant we needed a home with a separate entrance into the basement and some kind of layout that would allow for a kitchen.
Of all the houses we looked at, the one we ended up buying had the best apartment and it was one of the only ones in which said apartment wasn’t functioning. The kitchen is merely a rough-in with a few upper cabinets thrown up on the wall.
Despite the lack of a complete kitchen, the height of the ceiling enticed us. The only contenders to this house had ceilings that the Husband had to be careful not to bump his head on, and he’s not a particularly tall guy. This ceiling is 90″, just 6″ shy of the standard 8′. There are good sized windows all the way around the apartment, letting in plenty of light. After some of the places we had seen, it was refreshing.
As you can see, a kitchen is required. What you see in the above picture is the water pipes for the sink and the gas pipe for the stove. Everything is already there, so this should be easy, right?
Especially since we found a great deal for a beautiful set of cabinets: 

Each cabinet was $99 before taxes. Since we got 8 of them, that’s only $800. One of them was slightly damaged, so we got it for $50 instead. That’s a grand total of $750 before taxes. Sure, they’re not exactly what we were planning for this kitchen — we had talked about white cabinets with beautiful butcher block countertops. But, at Ikea, we would have spent around $2000 on the cabinets alone. I think this is a fair compromise, and might even look nicer in the long run. Yes, we might be patting ourselves on the back a bit.
Once we have this kitchen installed — hopefully by the end of next week — the basement apartment will be mostly ready. There are a few updates I want to do in the bathroom, but since it’s currently the only bathroom in the house, I don’t want to do any of that until the upstairs bathroom is finished. 
And, with the basement apartment ready to go, we can properly move in! We’ll sleep in a proper bed instead of on an air mattress, have proper meals in the evenings, settle back into a real life. While renos continue to go on above our heads, of course. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep the dust level down…
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