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The New Bathroom

I posted before about how we are having a tough time getting the layout of the bathroom right. We had though a shower like something below could solve the problem of the tiny space.

(Found Here)

But now we’ve changed our minds and have gone back to a tub. Just before we got the house, the Wife took a long leisurely bath and realized she didn’t want to give up the option, even if she didn’t use it often. Besides that, our dog has discovered a love of water, particularly running water. We can’t give up the fun of watching her splash around in the tub.

To make a tub work we are going to have to widen the bathroom by 1 foot. By rethinking the kitchen a bit, we were able to gain 6″ that we could add to the bathroom. We could have just shifted the whole kitchen forward a foot, but the range would then be a few inches under the window in the kitchen. Instead, we reworked, rethought, and reconfigured to gain the room we needed in the bathroom and still have the range in the current location in the kitchen.

With all this planning we still need to think about the window in the bathroom. Currently, it is over sized and badly positioned. In it’s current location, it would sit about 6 inches inside the tub. So, replacement and repositioning is in order. We are thinking about replacing it with something like this:

(Found Here)

The window isn’t that big of course: we’re thinking about something half that size. It would let in a lot of light, be private, but still provide a window that opens.

Of course, we haven’t fully begun to really think about all our bathroom finishes yet… soon we’ll be picking tile, a vanity and the perfect tub for our Mocha to splash around in.

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