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The Crew

We are so blessed to have many talented, even experienced, people willing and ready to help us out. Our first weekend, the demo weekend, brought out a brother, a father, and a friend, excited and energized.

A Father
The Husband’s father, my father-in-law, is a carpenter by trade. Since the day we bought the house, he’s been looking forward to getting his hands dirty on such a project. He’s helped us make plans, but I think he’s enjoying watching his son take the lead on all this.

A Brother
The Husband’s oldest brother has build two homes with his own two hands and as many friends and family as he could coerce to help him, so he brings with him the experience we certainly don’t have. He’s our plumber, our electrician, our consultant. He is one of the three structural engineers we have working on our project.

A Friend
The Magician stood up for the Husband at our wedding and is, I think, almost as excited about our home ownership as we are. It’s always good having him around: he’s a smart guy, one of those people who is uncannily good at solving problems and figuring out the best way to do things.

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