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The Upstairs Before!

Can I call these ‘Before’ pictures if there are no ‘After’ pictures? Technically, these are actually ‘Right Now’ pictures.

There it is! Our cutie-pie house! See the lack of curb appeal? I hope to fix that with a little grass and some flower boxes. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Walk into the house and this is the room you come into:
The floor was littered with the mail of past tenants, and a drift of ads. We could tell how long the house had been on the market by the Ikea ads on the floor. We swept it all into a pile, just to have Mocha ransack the whole thing again not half an hour later.
This room is the first bedroom. Since we have no need for two bedrooms at this particular point in time, we’ll be converting it to a dining room. I haven’t even had a kitchen table for a year. Can you imagine how amazing it will be to have a whole room dedicated to eating food?
The second and master bedroom. Notice the drop ceiling? We pushed up the ceiling tiles and discovered a damaged plaster ceiling above it. This is one of those unexpected projects that’s going to set us back. It’s not high priority, but we’ll want it taken care of before we actually move into this room.
Fridge, stove, sink — the kitchen! Yeah, it’s not going to look anything like this when we’re done.

And, the bathroom! Yes, it’s blue. And completely unuseable. The tile is all broken and the floor beginning to rot. The layout is terrible. So, you guessed it! It’s not going to look anything like this when it’s all done.
We spent the night last night on a slowly, slowly deflating air mattress. The house makes noises, much different noises than those in our condo. The fridge revs up, the floor boards settle. It wasn’t the most comfortable sleep, but I could feel what it’s going to be like. 
And I can’t wait.
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