The Kitchen

We missed the Ikea kitchen sale. We were a little disappointed, especially when we realized we had also missed the Home Hardware kitchen sale. What is it about the beginning of March that screams Kitchen?

Either way, next to the bathroom, our kitchen is the room we spend the most time thinking about. It’s certainly the room I spend the most time thinking about since I love to cook and can’t wait to finally have my dream kitchen. But, we have an Issue. A big Issue.

See, we love dark kitchen cabinets. Like these:

(Picture from here.)

I found a dark kitchen warm, inviting, like a great big comforting hug. (Ok, that metaphor might be stretching it a bit… but you get the idea.)

But, we also love dark floors. Like these:

(Picture found here)

We can’t have both. We know we can’t have both. To much dark in one kitchen will make for a really dark kitchen. But can I be satisfied picking just one of these two elements?

Because we have to make a decision pretty soon, we are leaning toward the dark floors. We want the kitchen to flow with the rest of the house, for the floor to be seamless from the living room to the open concept kitchen. And we know we want dark floors in the living room.

I guess all we can do is hope that what we pick will be something we can love to live with over the next few years until we do it again. And maybe next time, we can choose the opposite.

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