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We have a time limit. The house is in rough shape. It’s the kind of house that will take years before it’s perfected. But first, it needs to be livable, and we only have a limited amount of time before it’s in such a state that we can move it. On Thursday March 31st (less than a week!) we get ownership and the keys to our new house. This will be the first day we’ll be able to roam the property without being accompanied by the real estate agent. This day will also be the firrst day we can start our work but I think we’ll take that night off and just enjoy the moment of owning our first home. The next day will be the first day of demo.

By the end of that weekend I hope to have everything demoed and removed from the house. We’re not sure where all the garbage is going to go right now but that’s a minor detail. We’ll try to get a big garbage bin as soon as we can. The next week we’ll bringing in a plumber to look at the water pressure. As it stands the house currently has a pressure problem. I was told that this can be fixed with some type of pressurizing tank. An electrician will also be coming in to look at the electrical and see if we will be able to hookup some power for two washing machines. I will also be looking at removing two walls.

The 2nd weekend we will be fixing any of the electrical and plumbing issue that will come up with relocating both the kitchen and bathroom. I feel this may take longer then I think and so I’ll be working on this for the following week along with fixing any floor joist and subflooring issues.

The 3rd weekend I will hope all plumming and electrical will be done and we’ll be able to move onto insulation, drywall, mudding and tiling in the bathroom. that coming week we feel we’ll be able to work on the flooring for the rest of the house and the trim.

The 4th weekend we’ll be finishing all the bathroom items. Paint, toilet, vanity, faucets and lighting. That week if we get everything done as planned, I hope to get the kitchen cabinets, countertop and sink in place. Who knows what unplanned things will come up though.

So it is going to be a busy month of work with the help of some friends and family I think it will get done and we’ll enjoy the process of changing a house to a home.

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