The Property

Just a small post about the perporty. The size of the lot is 25′ X 150′. The property is on a small quick street with only residential buildings on it, nice for walking the dog. The lot backs onto a large residential apartment building. Not sure how I feel about this but this but it’s one of the reasons we could afford the house and so for the time being I’m ok with it. Comparing our house the rest of the street we are one of the lower priced homes. This will be good for resale because what we put into the house with hard work will come out as money in the end. Our neighbours on one side have the same house but mirrored. There is a small shared lane way to the left and there is a lane to the right but there is no access our land. The front yard is stone and concrete; not what we plan to have when we are done with the place, but fixing it is definitely low priority

– the Husband

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