The Bathroom

The Husband
The Wife

The Wife and I just bought a house not too long ago and we are in the planning stages of the renovations.

Very firmly in the planning stages. We can hardly talk about anything else. We’ve thrown around so many ideas our heads are starting to spin.

We’re not sure how to design/layout a house that we haven’t even moved into yet. but as far as I’m concerned we are getting there. I’ve been having a hard time trying to figure out how to lay out the bathroom.

Or layout anything, for that matter. The house has such a simple layout, but since it’s 50 years old, we’re eying each and every wall and wondering if we can just get rid of it. My hands are itching to pick up a sledgehammer. And yes, the bathroom seems to cause us the most issues.

The current size we have to work with is 65″ x 80″ and the door is on the short side. There is a 19″ floor radiator and a large window that I’ve been fighting with. I’ve also been fighting whether or not to have a tub. I can make it work with a tub it just leave a 24″ vanity and part of the window is in the tub. The only real reason I want a tub in the bathroom is for resale value: when we sell in a few years, we hope people would not be put off by no tub. If we remove the tub there is far more room to play with and I’ll be able to get the bathroom in a way I like it.

Especially for pretty things! And storage things. Like a proper place to put our many towels. And cleaning supplies. Etc. Etc.

I was thinking something like what is below.

(image from here)

What I really like about this bathroom is the shower. There is no step into it and the floor is seamless throughout. I also like the look of the glass enclosure.

I guess we are going to see what the outcome will be when we go to do the plumbing and we finally have to decide.

Did I mention that I refuse to move into a house that does not have a working bathroom? Fortunately, the one downstairs doesn’t need much work…

Please follow!